Varavara Rao’s Daughter: The NIA is Using The Pandemic To Punish My Father

Amnesty International India
25 July 2020 11:48 am

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) filed an affidavit opposing the plea of Varavara Rao in the Bombay High Court. The NIA said Varavara Rao was trying to take undue benefit of the Covid-19 pandemic and his old age to seek bail. We spoke to Pendyala Pavana, Varavara Rao’s Daughter and asked her reaction regarding this.
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Pendyala Pavana:
They (National Investigative Agency) is vindictive. They are cruel. I want to use the word inhumane also. Even in the last affidavit they filed for opposing the bail application, in the arguments they make, the first is that he using the pandemic (to get bail). The same argument they have used for Sudha Bharadwaj also.
They are using the pandemic to punish, they are using the pandemic to do whatever they want to do. They are saying that he (Varavara Rao) is using or the Bhima Koregaon accused are using this as a reason. One more thing I want to bring to the notice is the way they have written the affidavit. They are trying to, without trial, before trial, prejudice the judge for even bail with arguments and false allegations.

The false allegations they are showing as true and saying that for such kind of inhumane people, humanitarian grounds will not apply. This is what they write. They are directly saying that these are the people who have done all these things and then make it a conclusion and develop an argument saying that these people are involved in so many inhumane activities so they don’t have any right to ask for bail on humanitarian grounds.

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