[Closed] Support India’s BRAVE

Across the country, people from different backgrounds and cultures are taking enormous risks to stand up for our rights. These are the women, men, LGBTI people, groups and communities who work tirelessly for the good of our country.

Activists in Uttar Pradesh, journalists in Karnataka, lawyers in Manipur, women’s groups in Mumbai, and honest government officials in Bihar are all united by a single ideal – upholding the spirit of the Indian Constitution. These are India’s brave foot soldiers – the Human Rights Defenders.

Often, their work puts them in danger. They are frequently attacked, vilified, demonized and harassed for speaking out against injustice. Their reputations are being smeared, they are being locked up and even facing violence for speaking out.

These human rights defenders are an example of what it means to be BRAVE. They speak up for our rights and the rights of others. Now, they need our support.

The Brave work towards a better India. Let’s support the BRAVE.

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