Demand justice for Muzaffarnagar and Shamli Riot Survivors

The lives of Imrana and Tahir Jahid and their children changed forever after the 2013 Muzaffarnagar and Shamli riots. They were threatened, attacked and forced to leave their home in Kakra village, and abandon every single possession they ever owned.

In 2013, the Uttar Pradesh state government promised them 500,000 rupees as compensation – an amount they have yet to receive.

“Even if you can’t give us five lakhs,” pleads Imrana, “we beg the government to give us at least two or three lakhs. At least we can build a house for us to live in. It’s very difficult to run a family of seven, Tahir is always outside trying to find work so that we can survive. My children are hungry most of the time.”

Imrana is not alone.

Amnesty International India and AFKAR India Foundation have met more than 200 families in Muzaffarnagar and Shamli who share the same fate. These families live in re-settlement colonies where many have no access to electricity, drinking water and sanitation facilities. For four years, these families have been struggling to rebuild their lives.

Act now to demand that they get the compensation they need!

Demand that the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister ensure aid to families in resettlement colonies for their immediate needs, including housing, water, sanitation and health care.

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