Domestic Violence Survivor’s Guide

1 June 2020 3:15 pm

Domestic Violence is turning into a silent pandemic globally. The COVID-19 pandemic and the nationwide lockdown has forced many women to stay locked in their homes with their abusers leading to increased reporting. The National Commission for Women has seen an increase in the number of complaints since the lockdown began. In April itself, NCW received 800 complaints of violence against women, of which 40% were incidents of domestic violence.

In these already stressful times, there are those women who must deal with the added burden of being stuck in an abusive environment.

You can seek help and break the cycle of abuse, for yourself or for someone you may know. You are entitled to live in a safe space. Learn what survivors can do to keep themselves safe.


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Survivor’s Guide In English

Survivor’s Guide in Telegu

Survivor’s Guide in Hindi

Survivor’s Guide in Kannada

Survivor’s Guide in Marathi