Bystander Action Guide To Stop Domestic Violence

1 June 2020 1:14 pm

Bystander action can take many forms. It is the action taken by someone who is not directly involved in a situation of abuse, to speak out about, identify, engage or respond to a case of domestic violence.

Bystander action can help women find help, speak up and protect themselves from abusive actions at home. A bystander can be anyone – a neighbour, a friend, a family member or even a complete strange who may be witnessing or may be aware of domestic violence taking place.

If you’ve come across domestic violence or would like to know how your intervention and action can help a victim, you can download and share this useful guide created in multiple Indian languages.

Bystander Action Guide in English

Bystander Action Guide in Hindi

Bystander Action Guide in Kannada

Bystander Action Guide in Marathi

Bystander Action Guide in Telegu


If you’d like to know in detail, here are some commonly asked questions answered:

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Want to get inspired? Read three stories of individuals who took action to stop domestic violence!

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