10-point Agenda To Improve Human Rights In India

11 March 2019 4:32 pm

Amnesty India is asking political parties contesting the 2019 general elections to commit to and adopt as part of their manifestoes the following 10-point agenda to improve India’s human rights record. These issues are by no means exhaustive, and effective action will need collaboration with other relevant authorities, including state governments.

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Amnesty India is asking political parties to uphold the human rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution and international human rights standards by:

  1. Protecting people’s rights to freedom of expression and privacy
  2. Curbing discrimination and violence based on gender, gender identity or sexual orientation
  3. Ensuring justice for Dalits, Adivasis and religious minorities who have faced rights abuses
  4. Ending the use of arbitrary detention and reducing excessive undertrial detention
  5. Strengthening human rights institutions and protecting human rights defenders
  6. Improving the functioning of the criminal justice system and ending the use of the death penalty
  7. Protecting the rights of migrant workers, asylum seekers and refugees
  8. Holding armed forces accountable for human rights abuses
  9. Protecting the rights of communities affected by public and private corporate-led projects
  10. 10.Building a culture of respect for human rights in India and around the world

Download the Download the Amnesty India Election Charter 2019 here.