Troll Patrol India Report

23 January 2020 3:44 pm

With the help of 1,912 Decoders from 82 countries and 26 states in India, we analysed 114,716 tweets that mentioned 95 women politicians in India over a three-month period around the 2019 General Elections in India. This helped us conduct an unprecedented analysis of online abuse against Indian women politicians on Twitter!

  • Abuse experienced by Indian politicians around the 2019 General Elections was high. 13.8% of the tweets, or 1 in every 7 tweets was either problematic or abusive. This means, on an average, each woman politician received 113 problematic or abusive tweets every day.
  • Women politicians who were more prominent on Twitter were targeted more. The top 10 women politicians who received majority of the mentions (74.1%) also received most of the problematic or abusive mentions (79.9%).
  • Women politicians from marginalised communities were disproportionately targeted. Muslim women politicians received 94.1% more ethnic or religious slurs than women from other religions. Women politicians who are Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backwards Classes received 59% more caste-based abuse compared to women from General castes.
  • Indian women politicians also received substantially higher online abuse than their UK and USA counterparts.

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