2017: Pursuing Justice and Truth

2 March 2018 1:51 pm

Our annual report “2017: Pursuing Justice and Truth” has been put together by our team to tell you just how much progress your support has helped us achieve in the year 2017, and our hopes for 2018.

Much of our work deals with difficult social issues in India. We dream of a country where all individuals can enjoy the rights guaranteed to us by our Constitution and international human rights standards. This requires systemic change and that is where our attention was, and remains.

As a campaigning organisation, one of our strengths has been mobilising large numbers of individuals. In 2017, we were able to get over 700,000 Indians to take action on rights issues. We believe that a community of people aware of their rights and willing to stand up for them are at the heart of any rights-respecting society. Along with our campaigns, research and advocacy this year, we will continue to grow this community that is invested in the issues on which we seek change.

Download your copy here.