Manager – Face to Face Fundraising | Location: Bangalore

Job Type: Job (permanent)
Closing Date: March 31, 2020

Amnesty International India seeks to establish a supporter base of individual members across India who would fund our work and campaign with us to protect rights for all Indians. Our goal is to ensure that a majority of our donors come from direct dialogue through various face-to-face programs such as residential canvassing, street fundraising, and local events

Face to face managers will head each fundraising city of Amnesty International India where face to face operations are established. They are responsible for the complete efficient functioning of the city operations, ensuring staff attrition is maintained to minimal, and demonstration of a fully equipped city with smooth processes, systems, and roles of all the staff in the city with great clarity and zeal. They are responsible for building the city teams for face to face fundraising, recruiting new members through personal face to face interactions based on various campaigns launched by the organization and ensuring high staff retention rates. The position will mentor, monitor and manage the office coordinator, senior team leaders, face to face fundraising team leaders, outreach & partnerships coordinator and the training & development coordinator (who form the core leadership team) in their respective cities on a daily basis and, be responsible for achieving the monthly city targets (street and outreach) under their jurisdiction. The position reports to the Sr. Manager of the zone/National Manager for the face to face team. The managers drive the direction, strategy, and implementation of all plans finalized for the cities to deliver consistent high performance.

Location: Bangalore
Department: Fundraising
Reports To: Manager - Supporter Services
Manages: Office coordination, senior team leader, team leader, outreach and partnerships coordinator and daily operational reporting of training & development coordinator
Travel: Local travel - High; National travel - Moderate
Annual Salary (CTC): 798436

Job Purpose

Job Responsibilities

  • Line managing- outreach coordinators, senior team leader/team leader’s, daily operational activities of training & development coordinator and office coordinator.
  • Identifying, hiring, retaining of recruiters in the city with induction and orientation along with the training and development coordinator.
  • Identifying, hiring, retaining of outreach coordinators, office coordinators, senior team leader, team leaders and recruiters.
  • Field and working hours- ensure that the team is adequately occupied to achieve monthly street and outreach targets. This would require efficient planning of locations, weekly targets and achieving of the same, and monitoring the signup rate per hour/day as per targets. The city head is expected to shuffle between various teams in the city locations and also visits the location to help monitor the team leaders.
  • Monitoring – conduct mystery audits and creates monthly observation reports. Close monitoring of the team, mentoring them and providing them with adequate guidance, focus and innovative methodologies for running successful face to face programs.
  • Training, development and people- Identify training requirements for senior team leaders/team leaders, outreach coordinators, office coordinators and recruiters; working closely with the training and development coordinator in the city to ensure that the development needs are identified and addressed; ensuring the city staff to be mentored, retained, and are identified for a path of growth in their personal and professional lives.
  • Database management- Report weekly and monthly results to the line manager using CRM; generate monthly reports, MIS and other performance and monitoring reports; presenting the city updates and targets and plans for achieving the same in a planned manner to the team leaders, outreach coordinator, trainer and recruiters. Presenting the monthly city report to national/senior manager.
  • Creating face to face acquisition opportunities within and outside the city; secure permissions, ensure local offices meet the statutory need; troubleshoot; conflict management. The city head is required to work in close collaboration with the outreach coordinators in the city to ensure the planning of opportunities, events and access and preparing the F2F teams for the same.
  • Ensuring the city functions effectively within the allocated budgets; assist line manager in developing plans and budgets for the assigned city.
  • Finding unbiased solutions for intracity issues between several functions.
  • To ensure confidentiality of information.
  • To actively ensure Amnesty India’s communication through face to face is according to the standard of the organization.
  • To keep staff attrition to the minimum and identify solutions to keep the team spirit extremely high to have motivated, enthusiastic and energetic staff in the city.
  • Close collaboration with several functions- outreach, training unit, admin, operations, HR, project teams.
  • Office space in a city is established with the right practices following the values and culture of the organization.
  • Conceptualize events & identify opportunities for various fundraising avenues; develop a calendar of fundraising activities for your city.
  • Initiate creative activities to be conducted during a face to face program on street or outreach venues.
  • Supervise officer coordinator in the office and ensure all admin duties are completed as per policies & guidelines.
  • Analysis of face to face results from the reports generation and take corrective action.
  • Analyse which venue (street/outreach) gives better results in which time of the year.
  • Conceptualize and implement events for fundraising based on ROI, staff motivation and other criteria.
  • Take the initiative to take corrective action when fundraising results are not as per plans with the support of the senior manager.
  • Plan and lead interactive and informative team meetings on the city’s performance, individual performance, talk about data analysis of the city to the core team and aim at the RoI for the city.
  • Sync up daily with office coordinator, outreach coordinator, senior team leader/team leader, trainers, senior manager.
  • Sync up weekly with outreach manager, T&D manager, national manager, donor database team.
  • Sync up monthly with COO, supporter services manager, HR, finance, admin, project teams.
  • Responsible for being the first point of contact in case of any emergency situation in the city.
  • Any other responsibility as assigned by the line manager.



  • City sign up total- monthly
  • City sign up rate- weekly
  • City field hours- weekly
  • City no show rate- Monthly (maintaining rate as per annual plan).
  • City registration rate- monthly (maintaining rate as per annual plan)
  • No. of new locations tried by local teams in a month.
  • City retention of members- monthly
  • City First Swipe total-monthly
  • City One Time Swipe total-monthly
  • City HRA survey- monthly
  • City revenue generated- monthly

Skills and Requirements

Successful candidates will be driven by wanting to ensure the teams they manage are highly motivated to deliver and be successful and build an excellent return. They will need to be fascinated by how they can inspire prospects to support our unique approach to protect human rights all over the long term.

  • Track record of delivering successful F2F programs.
  • Practical understanding of F2F fundraising techniques.
  • Strong leadership, managerial and coordination skills
  • Highly developed interpersonal skills, ability to work in a team and to take a leadership role
  • Excellent communication skills in English, Hindi, and local languages.
  • Cultural sensitivity – the ability to work effectively cross-culturally and adapt communications style as needed to foster collaboration.
  • Excellent experience in managing and analyzing data

Interested candidates are requested to apply at the earliest as we will begin the selection process as soon as we start receiving applications.


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Equality Statement

Amnesty International India is an affirmative action employer. We are committed to building a diverse workplace which is mindful of historical injustice in India. We are especially interested in candidates from Dalit, Adivasi, and OBC communities, persons with disabilities and members of religious minority groups, who can contribute through their experience to the diversity and effectiveness of our workplace.
Equality and diversity are core to our values as an organization. Staff members are expected to work collectively and individually to promote a constructive and sensitive approach to colleagues from different backgrounds, and value and respect their work.

Download the affirmative action form here: LINK

Conflict of Interest

Public or other activity, affiliation to or support for any group or organization, personal association or other factor which may generate a real or perceived conflict of interest with Amnesty International’s principles (specifically independence and impartiality), or raise a security concern, or otherwise prevent the candidate from carrying out key functions of the specific post and would therefore disqualify the candidate from being appointed.

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