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We are a collective of ordinary people who believe that together, we can realize extraordinary changes. It doesn’t matter if you have five minutes, five hours or more time, you can join us in several ways – support our petitions and share our campaigns on social media, volunteer with us, become an Amnesty member. Whatever you want to do, take action today and be part of a global movement standing together to defend human rights, for one and for all, across the world.

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Become A Digital Crusader

We live in an increasingly digital world, where what we do online affects what we do offline.

Social media use is increasing rapidly in India and worldwide. Now, more than ever, social media can be a powerful tool for social change. So get involved in our human rights work by getting active online.

It’s never been easier to do the human rights thing.

Write a blog, set up a Facebook group, tweet your opinion – spread good ideas that catch on and spark a movement. Become a Digital Crusader for human rights in India.

Something that people can do online like share a video

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