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COVID-19 threatens to force us into a crisis – your urgent support can help us continue our work

As new policies are designed in response to the pandemic, we are constantly monitoring & advocating for your rights, holding those in power responsible to protect everyone – especially the vulnerable, poor and marginalized.

COVID-19 has exposed the fault lines in our society – it is now more important than ever for us to speak up for human rights and hold authorities accountable to ensure our collective safety and well-being.

We are working to highlight stories and issues of those most at-risk, directing the attention of the Indian Government towards ensuring equal access to essential services like food, medicines, sanitary items etc. and urging action to aid relief groups on the ground. In these critical times, we also continue to speak up for our collective right to freedom of expression and dissent and campaign to free human rights defenders.

We ONLY depend on supporters like you – powered 100% by Indians!

As our fundraising takes a hit, we are fighting to survive. The current state of affairs in India pushes us to believe that human rights work is needed now more than ever. We don’t accept money from corporates, governments, or political organisations to ensure we can fight for the rights of all – freely and fairly.

Your monthly contribution of Rs. 600 will ensure we don’t have to shut down our important work on protecting the rights of the poor, vulnerable and marginalised. You can make a one-time contribution as well.

The amount may be a lot for you at this time, but it will mean a whole lot more for us – especially now when our work is needed the most.

Make a donation now! All donations are 80G tax-deductible.

Learn more about our COVID-19 work here. 

About Amnesty International India:

Amnesty International India is committed to upholding the human rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution and International Human Rights Standards.

Amnesty International is a global movement supported by 8 million worldwide to defend and protect human rights for everyone, everywhere.

First established in 1966 in India, we have campaigned to demand justice for marginalised communities, give voice to the silenced, protect those who stand up for human rights, enable equal rights for all genders, sexes and identities, research, document and advocate against human right violations and ask tough questions to those in power.

We are watching, researching and speaking up for equal rights for all, every day.