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Human Rights are basic freedoms and protections that belong to every single one of us. Unfortunately, they are also violated every single day.

Amnesty International India is committed to upholding the human rights enshrined in the Indian Constitution and International Human Rights Standards.

Defending Your Rights…

Amnesty International is a global movement supported by 8 million worldwide to defend and protect human rights for everyone, everywhere.

First established in 1966 in India, we have campaigned to demand justice for marginalised communities, give voice to the silenced, protect those who stand up for human rights, enable equal rights for all genders, sexes and identities, research, document and advocate against human right violations and ask tough questions to those in power.

We are watching, researching and speaking up for equal rights for all, every day.

….Powered 100% By Indians Like You

We rely on your support so you can rely on us to fearlessly speak truth to power. We do not accept donations from governments, political organisation or corporates to ensure we can campaign with objectivity and impartiality and truly hold those in power accountable.

We ONLY depend on supporters like you.

All donations are 80G tax deductible.