Together For Truth

Whistle blowers are true heroes. In India, they have investigated and exposed corruption, abuses of power and human rights violations. They have risked their lives and safety to ensure that the truth is told, and that abusers are punished. But today, they are under serious risk.

Whistle blowers often work to promote the rights enshrined in the Constitution of India. They are human rights defenders – ordinary people with extraordinary courage, who have been attacked, harassed and even killed for fighting for freedom and justice for ordinary people.

In 2014, the government passed a law – The Whistle Blowers Protection Act – to create a way for whistle blowers to disclose information in the public interest and receive protection. But this law was never operationalized, and now it is in danger of being virtually torn down.

In May 2015, the government proposed amendments to the Act under the Whistle Blowers Protection (Amendment) Bill, 2015. This Amendment Bill is regressive and restrictive. It will make disclosure of information extremely difficult, and will drastically increase risks for whistle blowers.

The Amendment Bill was passed by the Lok Sabha in May 2015 and is now pending before the Rajya Sabha. There is now an urgent need to stop this bill, which could be passed at any time.

Join us to honor the work of whistle blowers by defending their rights. Stop the weakening of whistle blower protections. Stop the passage of the Whistle Blowers Protection (Amendment) Bill.

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