Ready to Report

According to government data, for every one woman who faces sexual violence and reports it to the police, there are 99 that do not.  Ready to Report is a campaign to ensure that women who choose to report sexual violence can do so safely and without facing prejudice.

There are many barriers to reporting sexual violence: from discrimination to a slow criminal justice system. Women survivors often aren’t aware of, and may not have, the support they need to access justice.

The Ready to Report campaign works with survivors of sexual violence, government authorities and local communities, towards creating an enabling environment for women to report sexual violence.

What Did Amnesty Do?

The Ready to Report campaign was launched in November 2014 and highlighted the multiple challenges that survivors of sexual violence face while reporting violence to the police. We brought together survivors, police officials, service providers and counselling services. We also conducted advocacy with the Bangalore police to make police stations safer places for women to report sexual violence. Ten police stations across the city took ‘safe reporting pledges’ and committed to provide an enabling environment for women survivors of sexual violence to file official complaints.

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This campaign has been concluded.