Meet India’s Whistle blowers

When those employed to serve the public begin to further their own interests, the nation suffers. There are many citizens who use their right to freedom of expression to speak out against wrongdoing by the state.

These brave whistle blowers are safeguarding our rights, and their efforts should be celebrated. Instead, they face threats, violence, smear campaigns and even murder for speaking the truth.

Attempts are even being made to change the law protecting whistle blowers. This will make it extremely difficult and dangerous to disclose any information related to state wrongdoing. In 2014, the Whistle Blowers Protection Act was passed to create a procedure for whistleblowing, and designed to keep whistle blowers safe. But now, the government has proposed amendments which drastically weaken the Act.

Instead of providing protection, the amendments actually put whistle blowers at greater risk of harm. This will also make others reluctant to speak out and expose the truth. As a result, wrongdoing will continue, and those responsible will not be held accountable.

The Amendment Bill has already been passed by the Lok Sabha in May 2015. It is currently pending in the Rajya Sabha. Our brave heroes are running out of time. Once the Bill is passed, it will become law and whistleblowing will become even more dangerous.

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