Assam Detention Centres

As on 25 September 2018, 1,037 persons declared foreigners were being detained in detention centres in Assam. Many do not know what crimes have led to their incarceration. Most of them do not know what the future holds. They have no certainty about whether they will ever be released, and if so, when.

Detention of ‘irregular foreigners’ in detention centres within prisons, often indefinitely, has become routine in Assam. Amnesty India’s briefing  “Between Fear and Hatred: Surviving Migration Detention in Assam” traces the history of the anti-foreigner agitation in Assam, the legal regime and processes for identifying, detaining and deporting ‘foreigners’, and the inhumane conditions in detention centres in Assam.

Amnesty India found that:

  • There is no statutory limit on the period for which individuals declared as foreigners can be detained.
  • Individuals declared as foreigners are kept inside criminal prisons along with convicts and undertrial prisoners.
  • Circumstances and conditions of detention cause harm to individuals’ mental and physical health.
  • Foreigners Tribunals, which adjudicate citizenship cases, follow flawed processes to identify irregular foreigners.

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