Amnesty India’s journey in the past six years

Amnesty International India
15 October 2018 4:20 pm

Dear supporters, colleagues and fellow Indians,

We are now six years old! Your support, encouragement, investment and hard work towards upholding human rights in our country has brought us here. Many things remain to be done but we should all be proud of what we have achieved together so far.

I’d like to report to you a few of the highlights and achievements of this organisation we’ve built together –

– You are now part of over 99,000 Indians whose generosity has funded our work.

From the beginning, we dreamt of building an organisation which would be completely funded by donations received from ordinary people across the country. Thanks to your unwavering support, we are well on our way to achieving that dream.

– More than four million Indians have taken an action in support of our campaigns in the past six years. We are confident that we are achieving our goal of being an independent, effective, deep rooted organization in India working to protect the rights of all Indians especially the vulnerable, the marginalized, the victims of human rights abuses and those that stand up to defend human rights. Our goal is also to help Indians raise their voices on global human rights issues, as befitting their status as citizens of the world’s largest democracy.

– Our work so far on bringing an end to violence against women, building a rights-respecting society through human rights education in schools and colleges, and securing our constitutional freedoms has gone a long way towards becoming institutionalised. We are confident that the groundwork thus laid has produced, and will continue to produce, change of significant magnitude in our lives.

– In this time, on several projects, we have worked in partnership with the government and with other civil society organisations to further the work of ensuring human rights for all people in India.

We will continue to build a human rights movement for justice, liberty, equality and dignity for everyone in India. A movement that all of us can be proud of and in doing this we value your support, your patronage and your involvement greatly.

In hope and solidarity,

Aakar Patel