Who We Are

We are a diverse and democratic movement of people who share fundamental global values – dignity, freedom, justice, equality for all.

We are outraged by human rights abuses and strive to create change by inspiring people across India and around the world to take action. We demand, and hold to account, governments and other decision-makers to protect and respect human rights.

We have been a grass-roots organisation since 1961 – independent of government, business, religion or political groups. We work for and with individuals – to give voice, to stand along side and to secure fundamental human rights for all. We work collaboratively and in partnership with others to achieve our shared human rights outcomes.

Indians for Amnesty International Trust (popularly known as Amnesty International India) is the only Indian organisation authorised to use the words Amnesty International or Amnesty International India within the territory of India and is the part of global human rights movement spearheaded by Amnesty International. The name “Amnesty International” and its logo “barbed candle” are the registered trademarks of the Amnesty International, UK and any unauthorised use of the same is prohibited. Read the full Disclaimer here.