Abki Baar, Manav Adhikaar

Amnesty International India
4 April 2019 4:38 pm

A better India is possible, when we choose to put humanity first.

With the world’s largest election fast approaching, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of what’s important. The choices we make will determine the future we build for ourselves and generations to come. Whatever our differences, one thing is certain – we all want to live in a better India.

But what does that look like? Could it be an India without hate or fear? An India where injustice and discrimination are a thing of the past. An India where the founding principles of our Constitution – equality, justice and liberty – are for all? Maybe that’s the winning ticket; because when human rights win, people’s lives change for the better.

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Now is the time for us to take action to build a better India. Now is the time for us to make sure that humanity wins. But what does it look like, when humanity wins?

Well, it’s simple really – as simple as A-B-C.

A for Activists Released

Immediately release all activists arrested on bogus charges under unjust laws.

B For Bans Stopped

Stop prohibiting books, films and works of art simply because some people claim their feelings were hurt.


C For Cow Vigilantism Checked

Punish self-appointed cow vigilante groups who harass and attack people

D For Dalit Rights

Enforce laws to protect Dalits from caste-based discrimination and violence

E For Environment Impact Assessed

Ensure that mining companies assess environmental and social impacts before starting projects

F For Fake Encounters Punished

Ensure registration of FIRs in all cases of alleged fake encounters, and bring to justice those responsible

G For Government Accountability

Expand the powers of the National Human Rights Commission and establish human rights commissions in all states

H For Hate Crimes Halted

Uncover discriminatory motives in suspected hate crimes and bring those responsible to justice.

I For Indigenous Peoples Rights

Ensure the free, prior and informed consent of Adivasi communities before allowing corporate activities that threaten them

J For Journalistic Freedom

Protect press freedoms by repealing laws on criminal defamation and sedition

K For Kashmiris Rights Upheld

Stop using pellet-firing shotguns in Kashmir, and repeal laws which encourage unlawful detention and impunity

L For Land Rights

Stop all forced evictions of people from their homes or lands

M For Manual Scavenging Ended

Support people seeking to leave manual scavenging, and prosecute those who force others to clean human waste 

N for NGO Harassment Stopped

Respect and protect NGOs’ rights to freedom of association, and repeal unfair foreign funding laws.

O For Opinions Protected

Respect free speech and protect people from being harassed and threatened for their opinions.

P For Police Reforms

Implement Supreme Court directions on making the police more independent, and hold police personnel accountable for human rights abuses.

Q For Queer Rights

Ensure the right of transgender persons to self-identify their gender, following the directions of the Supreme Court.

R For Reparation

Provide full reparation to victims of communal or targeted violence. 

S For Surveillance Stopped

Ensure that government measures which interfere with privacy – like asking service providers for user data – is subject to judicial supervision.

T For Torture Made A Crime

Pass a law to recognize torture as a specific crime, and set up independent mechanisms to regularly inspect all places of detention.

U For Undertrial Rights

Provide competent and free legal aid to all undertrials, and ensure that they are brought to trial within a reasonable time or released on bail.

V For Violence Against Women Checked

Criminalize rape within marriage, and make it easier and safer for women to file police complaints when they face violence.


W For Workers’ Rights

Recognize domestic workers’ rights to fair wages and living and working conditions.

X for Xenophobia Curbed

Stop expelling Rohingya refugees, ensure that all asylum-seekers can have their claims assessed fairly, and stop using the National Register of Citizens to render people stateless.

Y For Youth Activists

Stop repressing expression in universities and protect academic freedom.

Z For Zero Human Rights Violations